Dungeon in a Box - Your Monthly Dungeon Crawl, In a Box

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2017-11-11 00:18:52 UTC

Dungeon In A Box is a subscription box that delivers everything you need for your next RPG adventure! It's your monthly dungeon crawl - in a box!


Dungeon in a Box gives you everything you need to run an epic Dungeons & Dragons (5e) adventure. 

As a monthly subscription service, we deliver a brand new adventure right to your doorstep, complete with campaign book, minis, maps and more!

Whether you want to take a group of characters from level 1 to 20 - or just run a few exciting one-shots, you get everything you need.

It's time for your adventure to start!




You are guaranteed TWO premium, sculpted miniatures in every Dungeon in a Box - everything from dashing adventurers to grotesque abominations!


32mm-scale (compatible with all major RPGs), and sourced from industry-leaders like CMON and Reaper - our minis are resilient, highly-detailed, and great for painting.  

All premium minis are blind-boxed and drawn from a wide assortment of beautiful sculpts. It's the perfect way to expand your collection - whether you own just a few well-won favorites, or have a wall of hundreds.




Cover from "Caravan of Peril"
Cover from "Caravan of Peril"

20-pages of jam-packed adventure, brought to life with full-color illustrations from the best artists in the industry!   

Each month's box includes a brand-new, all-original adventure. Exciting encounters and rich story propels your party toward climactic set-piece battles that play out on the included battle map.

Everything you need to know to run the adventure is in the book, making the game accessible for everyone from first-time DM's to seasoned grognards looking for something new.

Download an excerpt for "Caravan of Peril" here!
Download an excerpt for "Caravan of Peril" here!


Adventures build on each other from month to month - forming a year long campaign arc that raises your party from lowly adventurers to heroes of the realm! However, campaign play is strictly optional. Each adventure book provides rules to adapt it for characters of any level or game world. Take just the bits you like, or play the whole epic quest - the choice is yours!

Dungeon in a Box adventures are compatible with 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, and work in conjunction with the three core rule books - Players Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide & Monster Manual

What to see more? Download an excerpt for "Caravan of Peril" here!



Tavern Map
Tavern Map

These huge 24" x 18", fold-out battle maps bring your encounters to stunning life - and are designed exclusively for that month's Dungeon in a Box.

Printed in gorgeous color, and overlaid with a 1" grid, each map is hand-made to accompany that month's adventure. They fit in just was well with your existing stockpile of battle maps to help you run future skirmishes. 

From castle roofs to volcanic craters - these maps bring your adventure to life! 

Our maps are printed on satin-finish, 80# paper to ensure they look great and are long-lasting.