Feeding Zombies

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2017-11-08 22:43:16 UTC

Feeding Zombies is a card-driven cooking survival game for 1 to 2 players ages 10 and up. A quick, but challenging filler game offering 3 different game modes.

You are a restaurant Chef facing a horde of Zombies invading your kitchen. To survive this apocalypse you will have to gather every bit of food you can get your hands on and throw it towards your opponent in order to attract the Zombies to her instead of you! Make special menus and unleash more effective attacks, arm yourself in case the Zombies get too close and choose your strategy carefully.



  • Sort the Menu cards from the Food cards. Mix the Food cards and give 5 to each player (keep them hidden from your opponent). 
  • Form a stack of the remaining cards and place it on one side of the game area.
  • Draw 3 Menu cards and place them face up next to the Food pile. Put the remaining menu cards next to these, face down.
  • Shuffle the Zombie cards, form a stack, and place it on the opposite side from the Food pile, face down.
  • Draw 5 Zombie cards and place them in a row between the Zombie and the Food piles.


2 player setup
2 player setup

Game turn

On your turn you may choose 2 of the following actions. Each action may be repeated, but you may not target the same Zombie card twice per turn:

1. Attract 1 Zombie by playing the required Food cards. Then refill the empty spot with a new card.

2. Trade 2 Food Cards for 1 Menu card from the display. Apply the Menu’s effect or take the card into your hand for later use.  

3. Play a Menu Card or a Knife.  

Get rid of a dangerous Zombie with the Knife!
Get rid of a dangerous Zombie with the Knife!


Unleash dreadful attacks with delicious Menus!
Unleash dreadful attacks with delicious Menus!

4. Discard any number of cards from your hand.

After the two actions are completed, redraw from the Food pile until you have 5 cards in your hand.