Laruna: Age of Kingdoms

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2017-11-06 22:26:43 UTC


Age of Kingdoms is a worker placement/miniature battle and map control game for 2 to 6 players, set in the fantasy land of Laruna. Players assume the roles of powerful magic users who rule over one of the last remaining kingdoms of Laruna. They must manage their resources, field units and sling spells all in an effort to gain the favor of the young gods - their only hope for salvation.



















While there are plenty of subtleties at play in Age of Kingdoms, learning and quickly executing the basics couldn’t be any easier. Simple resource tracking and card management ensures that new players are able to quickly digest the intention of each card and unit. This ensures that the challenge of the game is implementing a winning strategy, and not merely understanding how the game is played.

Age of Kingdom's gameplay has 3 major components:

Kingdom Management  

Deciding where to commit your work force in this worker placement phase of the game is always an enjoyable exercise in economic tactics. Will you be running a long bloody campaign to earn your Favor? If so, you will need to consider the cost of commuting workers to upgrade your troops or maintaining high enough Command to field larger numbers. Is that added might worth the risk of Kingdom-wide instability? Perhaps you would be better served by investing lightly in your defenses and hunkering down while the work force petitions favor at your Kingdom's temples? Knowing which resources to seek, when to harvest and exploit them, and how to best leverage them for your Kingdom is a big part of the fun when playing Age of Kingdoms!  

Map Management

Surveying the current state of the world is important for any ruler! Knowing which kingdom's banner flies in which territories and monitoring who has control of certain trade centers is crucial. Always be prepared for war! Move your units in and out of battle to best advance your kingdom's objectives and maintain your area control. Snappy, dice-driven combat allows battles to be resolved quickly. Deploy your troops wisely and aid them with spells if you hope to win in the end.

Social Interaction

Favor is a tricky thing. Every player wants to have the most, but gaining some alongside one player to catch up to a different player makes for social chaos. Playing the game is more than careful planning and quick adaptation. Players need to work with AND against one another when the time is right. Signing Trade agreements, instigating wars, or defeating powerful world monsters will see a player’s Favor total shift constantly. The player to your right may have been a great trade partner during times of peace, but with war at your kingdom’s doorstep, you may need to betray them and look for a mighty combat ally to your left! Good thing you've been holding on to that Agenda to lower a kingdom's Stability! They'll never see it coming...

For more information, check out the manual (currently a work-in-progress) here! 

And don't forget to watch the videos below, including a play-through with the developers!

Inspired by images of kings and queens sitting at a world map to determine their strategy, Age of Laruna contains over 70 beautiful miniatures ranging in size from 35 to 100mm tall.













World-wide unit counts are enforced by the number of miniatures available, with each Kingdom-specific unit having 3 copies, most Territory units having 2 copies, and especially powerful units (like the foreboding Giant or the terrible Kadune) being only capable of appearing one at a time


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